The Man Who Walked on Water

Just as Peter on the lake
I set out on a quest
My boat is drifting out to sea
God puts me to the test.

The depth is deep, the width is wide
A storm is setting in
The waves are thrashing all about
I feel a fear within.

A figure looms, within the mist
I tremble in the night
He seems to walk on water
My heart is filled with fright.

Fear not says He, have courage
I do not bring you harm
For it is I who comes to save
There’s no need for alarm. 

He bids me walk on water
His flowing robe, I see
But I lose faith as I step out 
Upon the angry sea.

My trust is gone, I start to sink
I panic as I go
I cry out Lord, please save me
Strong winds begin to blow.

His staff is there before me
His mighty hand comes out
He plucks me from the churning sea
Why did I ever doubt.

Into the boat, the wind is still
He calms the restless sea
If He will soothe a violent storm
He’ll do the same for thee.

Oh precious child of little faith
You are His son or daughter
Look to the One who calms the sea
The Man who walks on water.

© 2005 Marilyn Ferguson

Background music: How Long Has It Been, performed by the incomparable Jim Reeves.

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